Dr. Guy’s Books

This is a list of Dr. Guy’s medical books and writings.

Healing Spiritual and Material, 1928, unpublished.
The Major and Minor Elements of Life in Plant, Animal and Man, no date, booklet.
Hydrochloric Acid and Mineral Therapy, 1934.
Chemistry in Therapeutics, 1935.
Benzoic Acid Therapy in Cancer, 1937.

Articles published in the journal Medical World in the 1930s:

Degenerative Disease and Its Etiology
Acid Mineral Chlorides in Treatment
Toxemia and Alkalosis
The Conquest of Cancer
Relation of Iron to Neoplastic Disease
Treatment of Cancer
A Further Report of Cases
Acid Mineral Therapy in Cancer

Other works:

Aluminum and It’s Relation to Cancer, 1917, article in the periodical Medical Times.



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