About Us

Our Subject

Dr. Walter Bryant Guy has become “world famous” many years after his death due to the publication of a number of his alternative medicine articles on the Internet. These deal primarily with the treatment of chronic disease by hydrochloric acid therapy. Dr. Guy’s methods have been referred to as a “cure for cancer,” but he used HCL therapy for many diseases in his clinical practice. Other facets of Dr. Guy’s life are less known. He had a rich spiritual life. He was a servant leader. He was a reformer who helped African Americans in small Southern town. Dr. Guy was an inventor and author.

The Team

Handly Caraway: writer, researcher, retired guidance counselor, member of the Baha’i Faith since the 1970s.

Laurence Layne: writer, researcher, full-time professional practitioner of alternative medicine.

We found out about each through an article in the St. Augustine Record in 2002. Handly had been aware of Dr. Walter Bryant Guy after he was introduced to the Baha’is by a friend. Laurence purchased a book by Dr. Guy, Chemistry in Therapeutics, from a local antiquarian bookseller in St. Augustine.

The Project

We met. We shared knowledge. We met with Dr. Guy’s granddaughters in 2003. We assembled a a portfolio we hoped to publish as a small book. Then things started happening…a large cache of letters written by Dr. Guy, his family and friends came into our possession…lost writings of Dr. Guy surfaced…archival research revealed Dr. Guy’s role in the life of St. Augustine…and the Internet happened, giving us access to data impossible to find before now.

We outlined. We wrote. We realized that there was enough material for a full-scale biography.


Many, many thousands of words written. Working on chapter four at present.

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