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We have spent a LOT of time at the St. Augustine Historical Society learning about St. Augustine during the times in which Dr. Guy and family lived here. In fact, we went to the Historical Library and Archives one day a week, usually every Wednesday, for about 3 years. Most of the time this was an expanded lunch break and we worked and researched 2-3 hours each visit. Sometimes we went on Saturdays.

The Library and Archives are upstairs at the former location of the St. Augustine Free Library and located on the “oldest street” in St. Augustine, Aviles Street.

What did we do with our time? Mostly looking through microfilm of the St. Augustine Evening Record. Microfilm is fast becoming a storage medium of the past. We also looked through the City Directory, multitudinous files, and picked librarian Charles Tingley’s brain.

Above is a picture of Handly Caraway using the microfilm reader. The microfilm machines used to be back in a little room by themselves.

Here is Handly posed and smiling in front of a historical map of St. Augustine. Well, the map really is from the 1700s even if Handly is not smiling!

What did we “get” for all of our efforts? There were key facts about Dr. Guy’s life and work we could not have known without going through the process of looking at all those old newspapers. Some of the biggest breaks came late in the 3 years of research.

In another post we will discuss the detective work involved in non-fiction, historical writing.



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